Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & Pricing

I don't feel comfortable paying with a card online. Can I pay over the phone?
Definitely. Please give Customer Service a call at 657-444-2800 and we would be happy to assist you.
Is my payment information secure?
Yes! For your safety and security, we do not save any credit card or paypal information in our system.

Product Questions

Do you offer Price Matching?
We do not offer price matching at this time.
You are out of stock for a product I need how will I know when it is back in stock?
We will send an email when our main SKU code are back in stock. If you need a part outside of our main LCD and digitizer assemblies, please email and request a notification for particular part.
Do you offer preordering?
We do not offer preordering at this time. Please call us or email if you would like a phone call or email reminder when a specific product is back in stock.
Do you sell accessories?
Yes! We started our accessory line with screen protectors. We recently expanded our line to include Power bank, phone cases, portable charging devices, and portable bluetooth speakers. Do you have suggestions for more products? Send an email to and we would be happy to look into your suggestions.


What is an RMA?
RMA stands for “Return Merchandise Authorization,” and is our term for return of defective parts. If you believe your part is defective, we ask that you submit an RMA request form before mailing the part back to us. Before we can offer reward points or replacement parts, we need to test your parts to be sure they are defective. We also wait to give replacement parts or reward points until we receive the part because we need to make sure the part is ours.
Where do I ship my RMA?
Attention: RMA
How can I track my RMA?
With the tracking information the carrier provided when you dropped the package off.
How long does it take to get points or a replacement part?
From the moment the package arrives at our facility, please allow for 48 hours to receive reward point credits, or to have your exchange shipped out.

Recycling LCD

Recycle Program Details

Grading Scale:

A Grade: Glass is cracked.LCD is fully functional. No dead spot or discoloration. 100% OEM and digitizer functions 100%.

B Grade: Non OEM. Good LCD.Working display. Digitizer must function.

C Grade: Bad LCD. No display. Digitzer does not function.

How do you guys test LCD Screens?

We only test our LCD’s using PHONES. Phones are opened and attached to LCD connector cables to be created into testing devices.
Say NO to companies that use testing boxes that are available online.
1. These boxes are unreliable as they provide inaccurate results. These boxes can easily fail 10-30% of screens that are completely working.
2. Your LCD came off of a phone and is going to be used on a phone so it is best practice to test using a phone.
We test every screen in 3 colours: Black, Gray and White. What we are looking for when testing screens:


Bad back-light (considered DEFECTIVE)
Dead pixels (considered DEFECTIVE)
Grey area (considered DEFECTIVE)
Lines (considered DEFECTIVE)
Screen burns (considered DEFECTIVE)
Pressure spots (considered DEFECTIVE)
Touch functionality (most considered DEFECTIVE)

What payment methods are available for payouts?

Wire Transfer ($500 and over ONLY).
Store credit towards LCD Screens or Parts

For price guarantee, customer has 3 days to drop off package to FedEx from date label is issued. If the package is dropped off after the 3rd day, you will receive the latest recycle pricing. All recycle screens must be tested good to qualify for the recycle program All prices subject to change without notice.

Within 72 hours of us receiving your screens, we'll test them and send you the breakdown along with your offer for final approval, not including weekends and most holidays. Payments are made same day of the final approval.

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